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Errotasa neovalesiaca Emeljanov, 2005 (Achilidae)

Errotasa neovalesiaca Emeljanov, 2005 (Achilidae)

Errotasa neovalesiaca Emeljanov, 2005 (Achilidae, Achilinae, Rhotalini). This species is the only Australian representative of the Tribe Rhotalini. Family members are mainly fungal feeders in leaf litter or under logs. There are very few publicly available records. The Rhotalini tribe was based on the single genus Rhotala from Central America until Emeljanov added Errotasa from Australia in 2005.

We are very grateful to Dr Murray Fletcher (Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, Charles Sturt University) for the identification of this very uncommon species and for providing other general information.

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